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#2 POWER defeats #29 [feAt] 1v1
#2 POWER defeats #29 [feAt] 1v1
#2 POWER defeats #29 [feAt] 1v1
#1 IQ| defeats #8 Raging 1v1
#3 -MaD| defeats #9 [MH] 1v1
#9 [MH] defeats #3 -MaD| 1v1
#4 -MaD| defeats #10 [MH] 1v1
#9 [MH] defeats #3 -MaD| 1v1
#4 -MaD| defeats #10 [MH] 1v1
#9 [MH] defeats #4 -MaD| 1v1
#9 [MH] defeats #3 -MaD| 1v1
#4 -MaD| defeats #10 [MH] 1v1
#1 IQ| defeats #7 [Ez] 1v1
#1 IQ| defeats #7 [Ez] 1v1
#9 [MH] defeats #4 -MaD| 1v1
#10 [MH] defeats #3 -MaD| 1v1
#10 [MH] defeats #3 -MaD| 1v1
#10 [MH] defeats #3 -MaD| 1v1
#4 -MaD| defeats #10 [MH] 1v1
#4 -MaD| defeats #10 [MH] 1v1
  599 matches this tourney
  542,673 matches all-time
  630 clans in the league
  2,256 warriors in the league
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DfV2| +47 game win streak!
im +40 game win streak!
PoW| +23 game win streak!
BlooDz +21 game win streak!
-|BoD| +21 game win streak!
WwW. +20 game win streak!
UNI +19 game win streak!
'NSync +18 game win streak!
exo. +17 game win streak!
[HUN] +16 game win streak!

  Most Recently Created Clans!
Clan [LG] created by ^CuBa
Clan AyeK created by DontFlaMeMe
Clan IQ| created by -Genius-
Clan CapC| created by ^Ryu|
Clan |XaVi| created by -XxXaVi^

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mig Removed due to inactivity.
[123] Removed due to inactivity.
OLW Removed due to inactivity.
EDRx Removed due to inactivity.
S-TeAm Removed due to inactivity.
IQ 150
(67 - 38) ... 3,216 pts.
""Intel is Key To Vic..."
2. POWER 2,770 pts.
3. -MaD| 2,599 pts.
4. -DaM^ 2,591 pts.
5. Little 2,387 pts.
6. -SeX` 2,240 pts.
7. [Ez] 2,178 pts.
8. Raging 2,171 pts.
9. [MH] 2,005 pts.
10. 'Leik 1,799 pts.
clan IQ|
(97 - 51) ... 2,887 pts.
2. eGaR 2,160 pts.
3. Fargo 1,715 pts.
4. Giant^ 1,387 pts.
5. HaWkY^ 1,241 pts.
6. Leikeze 1,200 pts.
7. -HeRo^ 1,146 pts.
8. JoKeR` 1,070 pts.
9. `iie 889 pts.
10. Shaye 832 pts.

  League Headlines
#1 clan bites dust, POWER stuns world
clan wars news service  Wednesday, February 26, 2020
    CLAN spotlight:     POWER
3 stars
 Currently on a 1 game win streak.
    CLAN spotlight:     IQ|
Not Yet Rated
 Currently on a -1 game lose streak.
    warrior spotlight:     Fargo
4 stars
 Currently on a 1 game win streak.
 -- clanwars news wire -- No one expected what happened at no map selected today. No one could have forseen the epic battle that bore witness to the upset of the day. No one could have predicted the fall of #1 ranked clan IQ| at the hands of up and comer POWER

"You will bear witness to a new coming of age. Our clan isn’t out there just to hoist the Cup, we are out to make history." said an obvioulsy excited Fargo, boss of clan POWER, "When you work hard good things happen and today you saw just that, we deserved the win". -Genius- saw things differently as he addressed his troops and told them to keep their heads up, they fought bravely. "The battle field was destroyed; there were clans retreating back to their base while others literally were running over them to get out into the field. There was a lot to gain today if you fought well, there also was a lot to lose if you didn’t." he was later quoted as saying to a solemn group of IQ| warriors.

The match 312791 played out nicely for POWER as they nabbed 238 points and picked up much needed ground on the rest of the pack, leaving them sitting in the #3 hole with 3 days to go in the tournament. As the growing crowd dispersed after the big event an unidentified warrior from team POWER was quoted as saying "When I looked into the enemies eyes I saw fear. I knew we had won this battle.". This did not sit well with the men of IQ| who vowed revenge. What awaits these clans tomorrow..only God knows.
  Admin Notes
Clanwars Report October 2012
MrX   11/6/2012

Hello Generals,

here you can read about last Clanwars Month:


Good luck and have fun on the battlefield!


Clanwars Report September 2012
MrX   10/3/2012

Hello Generals,
here you can read about last Clanwars Month:
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Clanwars Recap June 2012
MrX   7/5/2012

Hello Generals,
here you can find the clanwars recap June 2012:
Included: Activity, Spam Award, 1v1 Head to head, Replay packs.


Clanwars Recap May 2012
MrX   6/2/2012

Hello Generals,
I wrote a clanwars recap about May 2012. You can read it here:

Clanwars Recap April 2012
MrX   5/1/2012

Hello Generals,
I created a recap for the clanwars month April 2012!
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  Clanwars Global News
Bracketed Tournaments online
clan wars    (10/8/2008)
The bracketed tournaments are now back online.

Remember tournaments can run 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 slots either 1v1 or clan-based.

Ask your admin to create a tournament and see who wins without any point chase to argue about.

The staff at clanwars sincerely hopes you enjoy the newly styled tournament system. Click the "tournaments" tab from your league menu to view any tournaments for your league.


Submitting Bugs
clan wars    (10/5/2008)
Thank you all for being patient while we turn up the new site and squash all the bugs that made it past QA.

Since we went live a handful of annoying bugs have been fixed; some of the most prominent ones were the upload error bug when uploading match media; deleting PM bug; gamespy auto result bug, absolving clan bug and a few others all have been fixed.

As you find new bugs, small or large, please post them here


Thanks again for your support of clanwars.cc


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