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ClanWars Online Gaming Leagues Terms of Use Policy

The Clanwars web application is intended to be used soley by visitors who have consented to abide by this ToU (Terms of Use) document. ToU consent is applied upon any visitor viewing or interating with any content on the clanwars website. The ToU is bound to each user who visits the web site; including guest accounts which may or may not be operated by a user whose ToU is inherited by a third party who has signed up for an account. This ToU is considered to be bound to any user who visits this site under any circumstance.

This application is intended to be used as a storage and retrieval system for various video game league operations. Should a user enter sensitive information such as social security numbers or other PII (Personally Identifiable Information) the creators of this site inherit no liable should PII be retrieved or used inappropriately or with malicious or illegal intend. The application is not secured with ssl (secure socket layer) encryption, but every best effort is made otherwise to ensure all data stored and retrieved is secure by the use of a user authentication requirement to use the application. Some data can be easily collected, this information is permitted to be distributed freely at the users own discresion. An example of this would be information posted in a posting board or blog that is part of the clanwars website experience.

McKula Inc. makes every good faith effort to ensure all remote data (information stored on our servers) is secure. Stored information can be viewed by authorized McKula Inc. employee at any time for the purposes of resolving a technical issue with the website or during the investigation of a complaint lodged by a site visitor or a representative of a site visitor.
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