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#1 http:/ defeats #2 uLL 3v3
#1 http:/ defeats #2 uLL 3v3
#1 http:/ defeats #5 iN 4v4
#1 http:/ defeats #5 iN 4v4
#1 http:/ defeats #3 uR_ 1v1
#1 http:/ defeats #3 uR_ 1v1
#1 http:/ defeats #2 uLL 2v2
#2 http:/ defeats #1 uLL 2v2
#2 http:/ defeats #4 __ 4v4
#4 __ defeats #2 http:/ 4v4
#1 uLL defeats #2 http:/ 5v5
#2 uLL defeats #1 http:/ 5v5
#4 __ defeats #2 uLL 4v3
#4 __ defeats #2 uLL 4v3
#5 __ defeats #3 uR_ 4v4
#1 http:/ defeats #2 uLL 2v2
#2 uLL defeats #1 http:/ 2v2
#1 http:/ defeats #2 uLL 3v3
#1 http:/ defeats #2 uLL 3v3
#1 http:/ defeats #2 uLL 2v2
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+ +25 game win streak!
INF- +17 game win streak!
t[ +9 game win streak!
http:/ +9 game win streak!
sZ` +8 game win streak!
asc +7 game win streak!
imp' +7 game win streak!
asc` +5 game win streak!
wCb +4 game win streak!
~M[ +4 game win streak!

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Clan E created by vish
Clan esc' created by apex
Clan 101 created by »Poisson«
Clan [iG] created by [iG]_OsMeNT
Clan [iMz] created by Mont³

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XxNPxX Removed due to inactivity.
oG absolved by social11
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oK' absolved by H4desss
ath[ absolved by fucker
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"hail EA"
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#1 clan bites dust, http:/ stuns world
clan wars news service  Sunday, September 17, 2017
    CLAN spotlight:     http:/
Not Yet Rated
Donald Trump
 Currently on a 2 game win streak.
    CLAN spotlight:     uLL
Not Yet Rated
 Currently on a -1 game lose streak.
    warrior spotlight:     ylativ el pimp
Not Yet Rated
 Currently on a 2 game win streak.
    warrior spotlight:     weed
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 Currently on a 2 game win streak.
 -- clanwars news wire -- Two heavyweights walked off of Derelict earlier today, one clan knowing they belong on a short list of great clans and the other doubting all they've achieved to date, wondering if they are worthy to be called champions.

"When things got quiet that’s what was the most un-nerving…you knew it was coming because everyone was regrouping and no one was giving up today." said losing clan boss fucker who swore that should these two meet again the outcome would different. Until then though winning clan http:/ had much to celebrate having just knocked off the #1 ranked clan and picking up 118 huge points leaving them all alone at rank #1 while uLL remained at position 2.
details: 50342
uLL wilted under the pressure on Derelict

ylativ el pimp was quoted as saying "If you are a warrior then you live for days like this. I think a lot of warriors were made out on that field today – unfortunately some gave all." following his clans big win. Men on both sides were seen yelling across the field long after the battle had ended spurring talk of a rematch. Sunday's big match can be viewed here 50342
  Admin Notes
Halo PC tournament 2017
HPT-11   3/25/2009

Hi! Everyone here we go again with Halo PC Tournament, hope you guys have fun and enjoy competitive matches.
Hola a todos, aquí vamos de nuevo con HPT, espero que ustedes se diviertan y disfruten las partidas competitivas.

New signups
HPT Owner   6/15/2008

All new warriors interested in joining the league and playing competitively, please register on the HPT forums located at: HPTForum.com
You will need to contact an administrator before you can make an account on this league..simply post in league assistance sub forum of the forums.

Monthly playoffs and monthly prizes for both winning league warrior and clan, aswell as prizes for the winning clan of playoffs. Read & understand the rules!

Stay informed
hpt-420   12/5/2007

Be sure to register on http://hptforum.com to post auto reports, request match videos and to be informed about the Halo community/league in general. New prizes have been announced and HPT has sprouted a new leaf to competitive Halo PC, check out forums for more details.

Please don't forget to read the rules on the forums aswell, we have set strict rules which we expect everyone to abide by when they play in this league otherwise result in a exile from the league. We set rules to ensure everyone gets the most fun out of Halo PC.

Have fun.

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