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#5 Rev] defeats #5 [Don] 1v1
#4 -[NwM] defeats #4 Rev] 1v1
#3 [7] defeats #2 [EoE] 1v1
#3 [7] defeats #2 [EoE] 1v1
#4 Bug defeats #3 [7] 1v1
#3 [7] defeats #2 [EoE] 1v1
#2 [EoE] defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#1 limes| defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#1 limes| defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#1 limes| defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#4 Bug defeats #1 limes| 1v1
#1 limes| defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#1 limes| defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#1 limes| defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#4 Bug defeats #1 limes| 1v1
#1 limes| defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#1 limes| defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#1 limes| defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#1 limes| defeats #4 Bug 1v1
#2 limes| defeats #1 [EoE] 1v1
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  110,001 matches all-time
  132 clans in the league
  492 warriors in the league
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[OT] +17 game win streak!
[CRY] +13 game win streak!
[Ra3] +11 game win streak!
auS| +11 game win streak!
[xS] +10 game win streak!
[RoP] +9 game win streak!
[DP] +8 game win streak!
[DHz] +7 game win streak!
DowN| +7 game win streak!
[com] +7 game win streak!

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Clan [n/a] created by k3ch
Clan [Don] created by [Don]-
Clan Rev] created by Original
Clan [GotG] created by Rocket-
Clan 5ra created by zbee

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[7] Removed due to inactivity.
5ra Removed due to inactivity.
[GotG] Removed due to inactivity.
aka Removed due to inactivity.
ManS Removed due to inactivity.
close to the limit
(17 - 5) ... 2,782 pts.
"limes of y -> exp(%)"
2. [EoE] 1,652 pts.
3. Bug 998 pts.
4. Rev] 22 pts.
5. -[NwM] 20 pts.
6. [Don] 0 pts.
7. [n/a] 0 pts.
8. [Free[ 0 pts.
9. Johnny 0 pts.
10. [Arab] 0 pts.
clan limes|
(13 - 4) ... 4,457 pts.
2. ferdowsi` 3,681 pts.
3. Victory^ 2,825 pts.
4. DOM- 2,289 pts.
5. -Ryu- 2,276 pts.
6. Original 601 pts.
7. M1racle 580 pts.
8. $BASEL$ 0 pts.
9. Chuck 0 pts.
10. NuB*ZoR 0 pts.

  League Headlines
limes| falls in Generals
clan wars news service  Saturday, June 27, 2015
    CLAN spotlight:     Bug
Not Yet Rated
 Currently on a 1 game win streak.
    CLAN spotlight:     limes|
4 stars
 Currently on a -1 game lose streak.
    warrior spotlight:     -Ryu-
2 stars
 Currently on a 1 game win streak.
 -- clanwars news wire -- "Everything just fell into place today, I don't know how else to describe what happened out there" said Smoker who was savoring his clans big upset victory over limes|.

Earlier today the scene at no map selected told it all...locals were still stunned at the carnage left in the wake of the big battle claiming to have never seen the devestation they did Saturday.

"No one wanted to give up, people were throwing themselves into the line of fire just trying to push up and get some better ground. I saw things out there I hope I never see again." said Diamond- almost as if not believing what occurred out on the field today. Members of Bug though felt they deserved the win and in fact expected to win "When I looked into the enemies eyes I saw fear. I knew we had won this battle." said winning warrior -Ryu- contemplating the days action after the smoke began to clear.

"I feel like I let the guys down out there" said DOM-, boss of losing clan limes| who was last seen shaking his head in disbelief at what had just transpired out on the field. There was some reshuffling as Bug picked up 448 points and moved into slot #4 after the spoils were counted. limes| was left in spot #1. Complete match details can be found here 102381
  Admin Notes
8 clan Tournament Online!
Admin - 2   4/18/2013

A new bracketed tournament named: Clanwars April Tournament has just been created by Admin - 2. For more information view the Tournament Page.

Good Luck Warriors. Rules/description below

First 8 to show up take part. Participants get 1k points for playing anyway, then winners get the following
Rank 1: 1k points 
Rank 2: 500 points
Note: The Clan get's the same amount of points.
Gentool: at least 5.6 
Map: Host will tell you before each round 
Army: Random
Matchup: Best of 3
Matches: Every game has to be reported
Lobby: CW Lobby
Time: 21 GMT Thursday 18th April 2013

World series 2012
Admin   11/2/2012

May i have your attention please !
This years Generals World Series will be held in Decembre, to qualify for this 16 Player Tournament you have to reach a place in the top 16 Placements at the Clanwars month Novembre. 
The month is running already and CCG´s Clanwars is crying for a "maybe" last great competitive month before Generals 2 will be released.
Are you want to be the last standing Champion of this great game ? Then give it try, create a Clan and go for glory !
What are the prizes?
1st place and Champion: $50
More prizes probably on their way!
Further informations you find here :  http://www.gamereplays.org/cncgenerals/portals.php?show=news&news_id=906313
If you dont have an account on gamereplays.org yet, create one and join the Community. 
Good Luck for all participants
your Admin Team

Welcome !
Clan Wars   5/12/2012

Welcome to the Clanwars league!

If you need any help for any issue or if you have any question in general just contact an admin via pm and he will help you as fast as he can. If you forgot your password, please request it via (“send me my password”) link above.

Have fun playing guys.

Your CW-Admin Team
  Clanwars Global News
Bracketed Tournaments online
clan wars    (10/8/2008)
The bracketed tournaments are now back online.

Remember tournaments can run 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 slots either 1v1 or clan-based.

Ask your admin to create a tournament and see who wins without any point chase to argue about.

The staff at clanwars sincerely hopes you enjoy the newly styled tournament system. Click the "tournaments" tab from your league menu to view any tournaments for your league.


Submitting Bugs
clan wars    (10/5/2008)
Thank you all for being patient while we turn up the new site and squash all the bugs that made it past QA.

Since we went live a handful of annoying bugs have been fixed; some of the most prominent ones were the upload error bug when uploading match media; deleting PM bug; gamespy auto result bug, absolving clan bug and a few others all have been fixed.

As you find new bugs, small or large, please post them here


Thanks again for your support of clanwars.cc


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